Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tannerlocks and the dog door

My dad used to tell a story about a boy who was given a baby calf to raise. The short version of the story is that every day the boy picked up the calf. The calf grew quickly and before long the boy was picking up a 500lb steer every day. The change was gradual enough that he never really noticed.

I can tell you a similar story about Tanner. And, No, I have not been picking him up every day! When we moved into this house, there was already a dog door in the laundry room. The folks who owned the house before us had Min Pins. I thought it would be great door for the cat, Ember. The door is a little bit bigger than she needs but she never complains.

I keep Tanner and Shine separated during the day and I thought it might be nice to give Shine access to a part of the yard during the day. This door is just right!

This door gives us quicker access to the back yard and as a puppy, Tanner used it often. However, I had hoped that he would outgrow it so the cat and Shine could have an escape route from Tanner. Alas, like the boy and the calf, Tanner grew slowly enough that he does not seem deterred despite the fact that he is way too big for this door!

Please don't feel sorry for Tanner, he has his own Tanner-sized door in his room. For him, that door is just right!


Aragon greyhounds said...

Too funny!!

To think I can still remember him when he fit in a Sherpa bag. Well almost, his head was out like a giraffe.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

LOL :-)

BrittBeah said...

How cute.

Lisa Stine said...

Darby made the screen door to the backporch a "dog door". He stuck his head straight through it. Just his head. He was very confused. Now we still don't have a dog door, just a screen with a 'daisy hole' at greyhound head level.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that Tanner can "compress" himself to fit through the cat door!!


Shelly said...

Love this! : )