Saturday, March 13, 2010

And Then There Were Three

Three cats that is. Nutmeg aka Sassy joined my other two cats in the greyhound household. I feel so sorry for all the adult shelter cats that don't have a chance to be adopted simply because they are adults. Nutmeg was at the same shelter as Bacchus for years-no one wanted her because she was a slightly overweight sedate girl. Her owner went into a retirement home and hoped Town Cats would be able to find a home for her. Well after two years she finally found her home. Now she has to learn to live with greyhounds. Because she is so mellow she should fit right in. Greyhounds are more likely to accept a cat if they don't run or dart away. One nice thing about adopting cats from a noncage shelter is that they usually tolerate other cats quite readily.

She has already met and accepted the other cats Bacchus and Cleo and they her.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Hope she does well!

BrittBeah said...

I'm not a big cat fan, but I am glad there is such a nice place out there for them to stay in between homes.

Anonymous said...

Glad that the 3 of them are co-existing so well!


Life With Dogs said...

Congrats on the new family member! What do the dogs think? :)