Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New MX title

The blog has been so busy with updates on conformation I haven't had time post Whisper's agility accomplishments. At her last trial she earned two more Standard legs and her MX. She is now Ch Aragon Lunar Eclipse VCD1 MX MXJ RE JC. She earned another QQ as well. It would have been two except she broke her start stay and started coming after me. I tried to quickly move into the lead out pivot and promptly fell on the wet grass. Oh well the grass was wet and she came over to find out why I was on the ground. Unfortunately she had to miss a jump to get to me. Bummer. She is getting too confident or excited in agility and we are starting to lose our sit stay at the start line. Always something to work on.

The last two agility trials I haven't had anyone to video our runs so I am posting some earlier runs we had. Hopefully handling is getting better!


doberkim said...

congrats!!!!!! i love the joyous jump at the end of the chute :)

Anonymous said...

You two make such a great team!! :)


Muttsandaklutz said...

Congratulations on her new title! I love how in tune she is with you. Seeing the awesome agility greyhounds here and at Never Say Greyhounds gets me thinking about adopting a rescue grey for my next dog... only problem is my next dog will be <20 lbs so I guess that's not gonna work! lol.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Big congrats on the MX!!! Looking good Whispher!... You too, Helen! :-)