Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Walk

Years ago I used to hike my dogs a lot-several times a week. Over time I have gotten out of the habit of hiking and letting them free run. Christmas Day I decided to change this, I contacted a few friends and off we went hiking. We had a pack of 6 greyhounds, one golden retriever and 3 people.

It was a lovely walk until we met up with some fresh cow manure. Darby investigated it first-rolled and then proceeded to shake, flinging it everywhere.

Lisa had a great attitude about it saying all she had to do was walk across the road to go home and hose him off,  Terry and I were secretly  happy it wasn't our dogs. I looked over in horror and realized Echo was doing the same thing. It didn't show as well on her since she is a dark brindle. But she was covered as thoughly....and I did have to put her in the car to take her home! It smelled bad.
 Maybe that is why I stopped hiking them????

The rest of the walk was lovely and the dogs went home and slept the rest of the day. A good dog is a tired dog. I will have to add hiking back into our routine.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ch Aragon Full Moon Rising-Group 4 (as told by Marie Hamilton)

The recent weekend in Woodland, CA could be classified as a ”BAD day GOOD day” event.
Saturday, Riser could be described as a “bug on a hot griddle”! He was not a happy camper. He took the Breed and went to the Regular group with a Junior (Sydney) handling him. I hope she still wants to show dogs after that experience!! I had to take him in the Owner-handled group and I was wondering why!!  He never calmed down.
I was reluctant to go back on Sunday. We showed at 0830 and it was cold and the grass was still wet. But, he must have decided to give up and just go with it. When the Judge approached him with a “Well, Hello Big Boy”, he just held his free stack like a PRO!
He took the Breed with a 4 point major toward his Grand Champion title and was qualified to go to Groups again.  The Hound group wasn’t until after 6PM. We went home, rested, played, and returned around 530.  He did nothing in the regular group, but managed to hold his free stack throughout the Owner-Handled Group and was placed 4th in the group.
I think the key to his performance is the old adage “a Tired dog is a Good Dog”
That worked for him. (and ME)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Obedience Adventures of Brego (the Aragon “honorary” dog) and Becca

Brego added two performance titles to the end of his name--his Beginner Novice title in 3 straight trials and his CD title in 3 straight all-breed trials including two High Scoring Hound awards and two second and one third placements.  The last 2 trials (Valley Hills Obedience Club) included very challenging weather for a Greyhound—it was rainy and cold the first day, 37 degrees with blustery rain and the second day there was frost on the ground—of course, both ring times were 8 AM!!! By the second day the ring was nothing but mud and the club laid down sawdust over most of the ring. Definitely not something we had trained for. However both days he willing lay on the ground for the required 3 minutes.  He performed like a real trooper and now is called GCH Aroi Aryal Remarkable BN CD !!

Becca was entered in Graduate Novice at the Valley Hills Trials as well. She came so close both days. The first day she didn't drop in the rain. She was in good company as neither would Darby nor Echo . The second day a low flying jet flew overhead when she was called, with the noise she missed the command.  Next time for sure!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Grand Champion Aragon Desert Willow aka Frejya

Our adventure started Dec 7-8 on a cold early morning. With only 5 more points needed to finish her Grand Championship we were ready to make it happen.

 We gave Frejya her mani/pedi, gave her a bath, and she was ready to go. With our “official” assistant (a neighbor’s 10-year-old granddaughter), we piled in our ancient Land Cruiser and headed off before sunrise to the Clark County Event Center. It was snowy, and a balmy 14 degrees; so we made good use of 4WD to get there. We were excited, because Freyja might be able to finish her Grand Championship.

We arrived at our Event Center ring just in time for the 08:00 Saturday kickoff. Freyja showed well, especially considering her long layoff between shows. And with Tawnya’s able handling, she got a 1-point BOS. On Sunday morning, we headed out again in the cold and dark. Our second effort was rewarded with a 4-point BOB, another major, and Freyja’s GCH. Yay! 

Perhaps now onto other venues-will it be lure coursing? agility? obedience? rally? tracking?