Thursday, March 25, 2010

Leaving California, Ft Worth Here We Come

Tuesday we were on the road for 14 hours, from Sunol, CA (home) to Winslow, AZ. We stopped for 'brunch' at Harris Ranch off of I-5 and found out that they serve tri-tip sandwiches darn near all day! Yay for that!! We stretched our legs and got gas, then hit the road for Arizona. We stopped for a moment near Tehachapie to get pictures of the poppies, fiddleneck and lupine in full bloom, this is one time of the year these hills will be green. We stopped again in the Mohave desert to stretch our legs again (it's the only way to drive this alone, move around as much as possible). Darby discovered lizards and fuzzy little pill bugs in the desert. No rattlesnakes or jacks, and I'm really okay with that.

So much for not lollygagging in California. We said goodnight to the California desert and crossed into Arizona at dusk. Welcome to night driving. I don't like night driving, but it seemed to be a way to buy myself daylight hours for Wednesday, so we drove straight through to Winslow. We stopped in Kingman for some really really bad lukewarm road coffee and a clean bathroom. Then again in Seligham for gas and more coffee, just as bad but at least hot. It was so cold Darby didn't want to pee, but he had held it for 9 hours, and didn't really have a choice. He did what I call a of those embarrassingly long drainings (a la Tanner at Del Valle fall specialty), it was really cold so we tucked back in the warm van and pushed on. There was quite a bit of snow in Flagstaff, which is at 7500 feet, and it was horribly cold (30 degrees). Flagstaff turned me around a little, with "old historic Route 66" and the faster "route 40/route 66" but no worries, a rather remedial gas station attendant set us straight and we pulled into Winslow, exhausted, at 11:30. Today we go to Amarillo by way of Albuquerque, NM. But first, breakfast. I will say this, Darby is an EXCELLENT travel companion. He eats well, is great company and doesn't mess with the settings on the radio. Good dog!!!

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