Sunday, July 31, 2011

Obedience Prospect?

One of the obedience problems greyhounds have is their reluctance to sit or down on hard surfaces for any length of time.
Perhaps if they start young enough or they think it is their own idea it will make it easier. Jewels found her own sleeping area away from the pack. Maybe she won't mind the long sit or down on a less than ideal surface?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Broken Tail

Greyhound injuries seem to happen when you least expect it. Lyric is not a busy dog nor hard on her body. We all have been having alot of down time from dog shows and training since Whisper has had her puppies. Well I came home one night and noticed Lyric had broken her tail. How is a mystery since she had sleeping most of the day on the couch.

At least as far as injuries go it is relatively minor. Johnson and Johnson clear tape wrapped several times over the fracture and extending above and below the injury typically "sets" it in a normal position. The tape is replaced only if needed. After several weeks the tape is removed and the tail has healed in a normal position.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pupdate Day 3

The pups are still doing well. Whisper is a great mom! She is quite busy trying to keep up with all nine of them but doing wonderfully.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pupdate Day 1

Whisper is showing good mothering instincts. She is nursing and cleaning the pups and taking good care of them. Everyone seems to be settling in and doing well.

Here are a few first day photos of some of the puppies. The pink collars are the girls, the blue collars are the boys. Thank you Lisa for making it easy to ID puppies!

As of today we "puppy named" all the puppies. These are their call names until they go to their new home then their name changes to whatever the person wants. It prevents calling them "puppy 1" or Blue puppy etc. So when we upload pics they will be called by that name.

Puppy 1-Blue brindle boy=MJ(Merlin Junior)
Puppy 2-Black and White parti girl=Little Wisp
Puppy 3-Dark red brindle boy=Brodie
Puppy 4-Red Brindle parti girl(small color spot on rump)=Dove
Puppy 5-Red Brindle parti girl(no color spot on tail all white tail)=Jewel
Puppy 6-Dark red brindle boy=Bret
Puppy 7-Heavily marked Red brindle boy=Batman
Puppy 8-Black female=Midnight
Puppy 9-Blue brindle girl=Bluebell

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birth Day!

They're here! They're here! Thanks to Lisa for taking the pictures!

The litter was born via c-section. Everybody came out healthy and vigorous. Whisper is recovering nicely. We will continue to update the blog so you can overdose on puppy cuteness!

This was from before the surgery. It is important to know how many are in there before you start fishing! How many do you count?

The surgery was performed by Gary Brown, D.V.M. of Veterinary Orthopedic and Surgery Service. Here is a pic of Whisper and some of the surgery crew during pre-op. We knew Whisper was in the best hands with the crew from VOSS!

Here is the puppy crew. It is nice to have at least one person for each puppy. This way, each puppy gets the individual attention she or he deserves from the very moment it is born! Hmmm, do we have enough people?

All done. How many do you see?

In the end, we have 9 puppies! There are 5 girls and 4 boys and a nice mix of colors. There are 5 solids (2 blue brindles, 1 black, 2 dark brindles) and 4 parti's (1 black and 3 brindle). Here is the breakdown.

Here they are one at a time:

#1 Boy - Blue Brindle

#2 Girl - Black and White

#3 Boy - Dark Brindle

#4 Girl - Brindle and White

#5 Girl - Brindle and White

#6 Boy - Dark Brindle

#7 Boy - Brindle and White

#8 Girl - Black

#9 Girl - Blue Brindle
We will continue to update the blog with pictures and reports as often as we can. Come back often to get your puppy fix!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I finally had enough of being mugged (and visitors being mugged) by our pack of Greyhounds every time the front door was opened. It was becoming more and more obnoxious as they fed off of each other's behaviour, so I decided to do something about it. The command "Perimeter" was born. Now it can be said from outside the door and you can hear them retreat to the carpeted area. They respect the word when guests arrive, retreat and wait for permission to greet. They hold "Perimeter" until the release of "okay" is given. Amazing.

Darby Crash is about the smartest in the bunch, and graciously demonstrates his understanding of the word "perimeter" when given the command in the entry hall of our house. This command has been just about the best thing they've all learned, second only to "Go Potty, NOW"
Guests in particular love to watch an entire pack of greyhounds retreat and hold their enthusiasm until they're released with the "okay" command. Sometimes we release them one at a time, which is an advanced skill the pack has learned. It's pretty awesome! Please note: normally I would not call Darby to come, and then immediately give him the perimeter command. It was done only for demonstration purposes to show how well he knows and respects the command. Also note that I'm not moving towards him when he backs up to the perimeter, he does this move on his own and keeps eye contact the entire time.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Aragon greyhounds is pleased to announce that we are expecting another litter. You may have noticed that Whisper has had some down time recently. She was bred in May and it is official, she is expecting this week! We are expecting a litter of pretty puppies with great attitudes and abilities. Stay tuned for new puppy pictures.

Below is the proud father Ch Aroi Aryal Remarkable aka Brego .

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bryn's Solution

After the last toy post Bryn requested and got a Tug A Jug toy. And she has yet a new way to get food out. She promptly ate the rope off and began tossing the jug into the air. Now she carries the toy around by its neck and throws it in the air when she wants treats. Of course all her housemates follow her around waiting for "free" treats.