Sunday, October 30, 2011


Emma and Goose are learning some new skills for their future performance careers. Big dogs have to learn how to handle their bodies in both obedience and agility.
Costa and Janet have taught both of them how to handle and move their rear legs independant of the front legs. Last week Donna and I went over to visit them and the puppies immediately ran to the stool to show off what they have learned. They love playing this game. I like to call it the "stool dance".

Monday, October 24, 2011

Puppy Reunion

The Whisper pups are growing and getting into mischief.  They recently had a small reunion at Helen's house.  We thought you might enjoy some pics of them getting together and playing. They really enjoyed the chance to run and frolic together again!

The puppies are 13 weeks in these pictures and weigh around 30lbs.   The only two puppies that are not represented in these photos are Willa (Smudge/Jewels) who moved to New Mexico and Bruce (MJ) who is in Washington state.

Friday, October 7, 2011


With all the puppies off to their new home, things are settling down in the house and I can start focusing on my dogs again. Since Whisper's MACH runs haven't been posted yet I will start with a little bit about them.

Whisper was back competing in agility exactly 9 weeks to the day after having and raising 9 puppies. We had exactly one lesson of practice together since mid June when she started feeling pregnant. I went into the ring with very little expectations of a QQ and was amazed she and I could do it. We look alittle rusty together, not quite reading each others cues but she is an amazing dog and pulled it off.

The MACH has been the hardest title I have put on a dog-and the most fun.
I am so proud of you Whisper!