Thursday, March 18, 2010

Greyhounds Are Versatile Part 2

Darby loving the snow

Becca imitating a giraffe.

Then there is Pearl. Pearl is my girl.

She is not lucky enough to be in dog shows. I am disabled. She has a yard to run in with her pal JD. It has taken a whole year to get JD to play tug of toy with her but Pearl finally taught him. Even though JD and Pearl don't get to run in the highlands or go to shows, they exercise each other and have a great life. Greyhounds will exercise themselves in whatever space they have - they will run a track of their own making in a small or large yard. Of course the track always varies and is a lot more fun when there are two or more greyhounds chasing each other



Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

So funny with the toy around JD's neck!

BrittBeah said...

Ha ha ha, how cute. I can't believe she managed to put the toy around his neck. I love that she was trying so hard to get it back, and he thought she was just playing.

Lushorama said...

every day I hang out for pictures and/or videos from you of your beautiful dogs. Thank you!!

Malika said...

Great video and pictures! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

When I watched Pearl, I thought I was watching Becca playing--they look so much alike and their "play" is so very similar!!! Pearl is multi-talented, I see, for getting the toy around JD's neck!!