Monday, March 8, 2010

Raw Diet

The past year I switched my adult dogs to a raw food diet. After hearing and reading other people's experiences with raw foods I thought I would give it a one month trial. One month extended to two and then three months. One year later I am still feeding a raw diet. As the food trial continued I have been looking into sources to get less expensive cuts of meat than the grocery store. The small tidy cellophane wrapped packages of meat have given way to buying bulk and distibuting into smaller portions.

With bulk buying though you never know quite what you will get. This time I ordered 40# of young turkey legs. DeDe's head is a model of the size of the legs. If these are young turkey legs I can't imagine a full grown turkey.

Since the leg is as a big as a greyhound head maybe the turkey is a big as the dog?


BrittBeah said...

How polite we are. One of my guys would have snatched the leg before the pic was taken and ran with it.

Michelle said...

That is one big turkey leg! Glad to hear the raw diet is going well. I have thought about it quite a bit, but need to do more research before delving in. :)

Anonymous said...

Gobble, Gobble!! :)


Lisa Stine said...

nom nom nom....raw food is NEVER turned down. Not in this house, at least.

susan said...

Hi, I've only just found your blog, love the dogs, I continue to experiment with the raw diet but haven't had the organization/freezer space/$$ to switch over completely. We do grain free kibble and raw which works pretty well. Haven't tried turkey legs yet though. Mackerel and pig feet seem to be the favorites :)