Monday, March 22, 2010

Becca and Straight Racing

Becca went to her first straight race for a fun run and had a great time!!
Here's photo of her peering over the top of the x-pen, trying to figure out what all the excited barking by the other dogs was all about. She then got to stand on the side lines and watch a few runs, to give her an idea about what she was about to experience. Her first run was "interesting"--she took off as soon as the lure was moving and she was released, only to make a detour (still running at full speed!!) over to a group of spectators on the side lines to say "hi", then continued on chasing the lure without missing a beat. Her second run was more intense--she was released beyond where the spectators were standing. It was flat out running for Becca this time--no detours for "visiting" purposes; she was totally focused on the lure.

Another fun thing about the day--some folks had set up a few agility items nearby the straight racing. Since this feature was unanticipated, I didn't have any treats with her to reward Becca for her efforts at agility.
Despite this, Becca went over the jumps, went through the tunnel a couple of times and as shown in the photo, sat on the make shift table. She seemed to remember these things from her puppy socialization class. She received lots of verbal praise for doing her little agility course--next time, treats will
definitely be taken along for rewards.

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