Monday, January 5, 2015

Breeze CD

It has been so long since I updated the blog. Sorry for readers who are wanting to know what the Aragon dogs are up to these days.
I have had injury after injury-all minor with Breeze but frustrating never the less. Agility training resumes, then is on hold, then resumes for a week or two until the next injury. In limited trials she has managed another QQ and points but our goal of MACH seems so far in the future.

However we have been doing obedience and I am happy to say  Breeze earned her third Novice leg and CD down in So Ca-Valley Hills obedience and agility trial. She also earned high scoring obedience AND agility dog on Sunday-and won $50.00! One of the few times we have earned money for competition. I am definitely in favor of money!

I was so proud of Breeze and her third leg even with if the judge wasn't. I can't remember when we have scored so low in Novice. Oh well I would rather have a dog's performance and attitude I am pleased with and a low score vs a so so performance with a high score.

What do people think of her routine?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tanner earns his first rally advanced B leg by Tamara

I decided I couldn't pass up the chance to enter Tanner in a local show. The show is at a county fairgrounds and the obedience is in separate building from the conformation show.  The horse arena where the obedience rings are set can be a little chilly. Some dogs also have trouble with the dirt floors. However, I really love that there is ample space around the rings. There is plenty of space to set up crates and more importantly, plenty of space to warm up prior to entering the ring. This correlates to an uncrowded ring entrance which keeps my stress level down.

Tanner, was on fire! I discovered that I had the same dog at the trial that I have in our normal practice spaces. The two of us worked smoothly as a team and it was a delight! Tanner lost one point due to a delayed response to a signal. I lost 10 points due to misreading a sign. If only I had taken the time to watch the dogs ahead of us! I might have noticed! However, I could not have been more pleased with his performance, take a look!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Agility Comparison

Recently Breeze and I entered an agility trial and NQed on all runs. However a friend who does professional video at all the trials did a video comparison with Breeze running against a Border collie, the consistently top Golden in our 24 inch class and the top running Foxhound in the country.

The results were very interesting, Breeze loses ground to the Border collie in the weavepoles and tunnels. Nothing I can do about changing that but otherwise she hold her own and picks up time over the jumps.

And you can see my body position mistake that sent her around the yellow jump for an NQ. When you are running the course it is hard to understand why the dog does what it does and it is easy to blame them for the mistake and NQ. Studying the videos makes it more clear who made the mistake, the handler or the dog. It makes me very motivated to train and be the best we can be.

Go Breeze!!
We will get better

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Return to Agility

Breeze has been out of agility since mid May with an injured toe. She went to chase a squirrel back up its tree and came back in with no lameness. Several hours later when I looked at her left inside toe I noticed it was swollen, but no lameness. Not thinking anything of the matter I rested her and the swelling lessened although didn't go totally away. I took her back to agility the following week and the toe swelled again to its original size. No lameness or evidence from her that her toe was injured but I didn't want to risk further injuries and a shortened performance career. So rest again for several weeks. Well after three weeks she escaped and ran the back yard. Once again the toe swelled so she was on exercise restriction for six weeks and then gradual increase in exercise. It was not a fun three and a half months but she entered her first agility trial Labor day weekend.

She had a blast and her toe was nonswollen. We were rusty understanding each other. We went from no Qs the first day to QQ the last day of the trial.

Agility here we come!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Breeze's Obedience Debut

I had planned on Lompoc-the Greyhound National being Breeze's debut in obedience as well as Rally Advanced. An injured toe in May took us out of agility for some time as well as obedience. Greyhounds and toes are a deadly combination. However by the end of June the toe seemed to have settled down and as long as she was in a tape wrap, I able to start training again.

We missed all the Rally classes. There are many new signs since I last did Rally Advanced and I didn't know them all although I thought I did.

The rings were beyond awful. Someone, not an obedience person, thought it would be better for the sighthounds to put bark chips over the bare ground. The obedience ring was so full of chips the ring was moved next door and the original obedience ring became the Rally ring. Many dogs would not sit on the bark and would go around the patches during exercises. Breeze did a fair job despite me performing two signs incorrectly. Rally was first and as I got out of the ring they were calling us for obedience.

The obedience ring was slightly better although still distracting. The obedience judge kindly tried to avoid as many of the bark patches as possible during her heeling. I didn't feel like I had Breeze's full attention in the ring. Going from Rally where you can talk to a dog between and during exercises to obedience where no talking is allowed during the exercise was hard. Maybe a more experienced dog could have handled it. At one point during the off lead heeling Breeze seemed to give up and needed a second  command. She came back and finished well, earned her first CD leg and High In Trial but we still need work.