Monday, January 5, 2015

Breeze CD

It has been so long since I updated the blog. Sorry for readers who are wanting to know what the Aragon dogs are up to these days.
I have had injury after injury-all minor with Breeze but frustrating never the less. Agility training resumes, then is on hold, then resumes for a week or two until the next injury. In limited trials she has managed another QQ and points but our goal of MACH seems so far in the future.

However we have been doing obedience and I am happy to say  Breeze earned her third Novice leg and CD down in So Ca-Valley Hills obedience and agility trial. She also earned high scoring obedience AND agility dog on Sunday-and won $50.00! One of the few times we have earned money for competition. I am definitely in favor of money!

I was so proud of Breeze and her third leg even with if the judge wasn't. I can't remember when we have scored so low in Novice. Oh well I would rather have a dog's performance and attitude I am pleased with and a low score vs a so so performance with a high score.

What do people think of her routine?