Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tanner earns his first rally advanced B leg by Tamara

I decided I couldn't pass up the chance to enter Tanner in a local show. The show is at a county fairgrounds and the obedience is in separate building from the conformation show.  The horse arena where the obedience rings are set can be a little chilly. Some dogs also have trouble with the dirt floors. However, I really love that there is ample space around the rings. There is plenty of space to set up crates and more importantly, plenty of space to warm up prior to entering the ring. This correlates to an uncrowded ring entrance which keeps my stress level down.

Tanner, was on fire! I discovered that I had the same dog at the trial that I have in our normal practice spaces. The two of us worked smoothly as a team and it was a delight! Tanner lost one point due to a delayed response to a signal. I lost 10 points due to misreading a sign. If only I had taken the time to watch the dogs ahead of us! I might have noticed! However, I could not have been more pleased with his performance, take a look!