Friday, January 30, 2009

8 weeks!

Aragon Aroi Silver Lining - Sterling

Aragon Silver Oak - Tanner

Aragon Black Ice - Echo

Aragon Morning Mist - Becca

Aragon Mystic Pearl - Pearl

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Puppy overload!

I arrived here at puppy headquarters the night before last. I got a quick look at the puppies and then went to bed. Yesterday, I spent some time with them outside. I took each puppy out separately and walked around the yard. I also sat on the ground with each puppy and with it right in front of me, said it's name and immediately gave it a treat X5. I held a collar out and lured the puppy to put it's through the collar a couple times and the second time each puppy came out with me alone, I put a slight pressure on the collar and treated the puppy for giving to the pressure. They all did well. I have also been rewarding puppies for sitting and looking at me as opposed to jumping on me and eating my hair.

Last night, we put the three girls in one crate in the car, gave them each a fish skin chewy and drove around for 10 minutes. They did great! Then we came home, took the girls out and put the two boys in and gave them the same treatment. They all did really well! Tanner started to make some noise at the end because he finished his treat and Sterling still had his. Oh well!

Last night, as they were falling asleep, I took Tanner (my puppy) out and put him in his Sherpa with the top open, I gave him a fish skin chewy. I gave him lots of attention and focused on keeping him in the Sherpa and quiet. He did really well and when he started to fall asleep. I put him back in with his littermates.

Today, I just finished taking each puppy out again. I said their names and gave them treats at least five times. I clicked a clicker and gave them treats and worked with the collar again. Then, I took each on a walk around the yard.

Last night, we put them each through a tunnel and they did not balk at all. Then we let them play with it as a group. This morning when I put the tunnel in their yard outside, they decided it was more fun to jump on and smash the tunnel than to play in it! Sigh.

I will post more pics, I promise!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week 5.5

Week 5

The puppies are starting to get to go outside. Here are a few pics of that adventure.

Here is their cousin Whisper, she desperately wants to play with the pups!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Week 4

Now, they are getting really cute! They have moved into new quarters and will eventually have access to the outside.

----Black Tiger bites Rudolph while Starlin looks on-----------------Starlin-----------

-----------------Starlin------------------------------------Black Tiger and Rudolph wrestle----


Black Tiger bites her foot. Awhhh, isn't she cute?

Day 26

------------------Starlin-----------------------------------------------Starlin and Rudolph-------

-------------------------------------------Rudolph and Lyric----------------------------------------

--------Lyric and Black Tiger-------------------------New friend with Black Tiger & Dretta---

--------New friend with Dretta-------------------------------------Dretta-------------------

-----Friends with Blueberry and Back Tiger-----------------Black Tiger and friend-------

Day 24

----Black Tiger, Starlin and Blueberry------------------------------Starlin and Lyric-------

--------Starlin and Black Tiger-----------------------------Starlin and Black Tiger---------

-------Rudolph and Mom-----------------------------------Feeding time----------------------

---------Lyric with Dretta and Blueberry---------------------Dretta and Rudolph---------

---------Dretta and Lyric---------------------------------------Blueberry------------------------