Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tanner goes to the vet

For his first Valentine's day, Tanner went to the vet. We took his bed so he had a comfy and familier place to hang out while waiting his turn. We also had lots of treats so that he could make positive associations with the vet clinic. We also made sure that he had gotten plenty of exercise in the morning to take some of the edge off.

He just turned 10 weeks old on Friday and he weighed in at 24 pounds. He was interested in curious in everything he saw and ate lots of treats. He really appreciated having his own little bed to hang out on while he was there. He did not even notice the booster shot that he received since he was eating treats when it happened. I am really happy with his temperament and with how he just takes everything in stride.

This is his vet, Dr. Hardinge. She did a great job and helped to make the visit a positive experience!

By the way, the adorable colllar that he is wearing was made by our friend Lisa. She made one for each puppy and they are adorable! Thanks, Lisa!

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