Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Night Terrors by Pearl

Hi – I’m Pearl. Since I came home with my Mom a week ago, I have been sleeping in a crate at night. At first it was scary to be alone but it was cozy and I quickly got used to it. I guess Mom was afraid I would pee in the crate because she would wake me in the night and take me outside to pee. One night I got to sleep all the way through. Last night was a different story though.

It was time to go to bed and I went out as usual to go potty. Mom took me into the bedroom but instead of putting me into the crate, she picked me up and put me on this really high bed. I had a leash on too. She got into bed and then the terror began. I heard this awful wooshing sound and then she put this mask on – it was terrifying (CPAP). She didn’t look at all like Mom anymore. I shook and quivered and quaked. Mom tried to comfort me but the more she hugged me, the closer I got to that awful mask and the more scared I got. If she looked at me head on – the mask even blew a blast of air onto me. She finally turned off the light and I was able to finally settle down and sleep. Around 4 am I began to stir. I had to go outside. We got up and pottied and then it began all over again. This time there was no settling down. I shook and quivered and quaked for over 10 minutes before Mom finally gave up and put me where I belonged – back into my crate where I could get some blessed SLEEP.

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