Monday, February 2, 2009

First One to Go

Tanner was the first one to leave for his new home. Here is his story told from his mom's point of view:

I felt really bad taking Tanner away from his littermates. I was able to spend four days with the litter and felt like I had gotten to know all of them. It was sad to leave them too. However, I know that all except Echo will be leaving for their new homes too. Each of the puppies will get the love and attention they need in their new homes.

Our flight left at noon so we got up and gave the puppies ample opportunity to play together one final time. We visited the sand pile and played with toys. Of course, we also wanted Tanner to be tired so that he would sleep on the airplane! We took some pictures and then headed off to the airport when the puppies started their morning nap.

Tanner didn't want to ride in a crate in the van so I put him in the Sherpa and he rode on my lap. He did not sleep as we had hoped. He kept looking at all the scenery changing around him. At the airport, the mean lady at the counter decided that Tanner was too big to go under the seat in the plane which meant that my precious 8 week-old puppy had to ride in cargo. There really was no alternative so we kept him awake until we had to take him in to have his crate inspected by TSA. The gal who did the inspection was very nice and promised to take good care him as she carried him away.

When I was boarding the airplane, I was able to see his crate loading on the plane. I could tell his head was up and he was looking around so he wasn't panicking and he didn't seem to be scared.

When we got to Portland he was taken to the airline's office in the baggage claim. He was alert and looking around. He came out of his crate slowly and cautiously but was very interested in everything going on around him. I was relieved to see that he seemed to be unfazed by the trauma he had just endured!

At home he and our current dog, a Belgian Malinois named Shine, warmed up to each other quickly. They had a nice play session before bed. Last night, Tanner slept pretty well in his crate. I got up twice and took him out and both times he went potty.

It's nice to be home and I am excited to see what the future holds for Tanner!

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I'm so glad he did well on the flight. I bet your heart just sank when you learned he had to ride down below.