Thursday, February 12, 2009

The long wait finally arrives!!

This blog post is courtesy of Donna who took Becca home last weekend:

I traveled to Helen’s house the weekend of January 24 for my first visit to meet Lyric’s litter and hopefully decide which one would join Shawn, my adult Greyhound, and me as part of the family. Even though many e-mailed photos were sent which I enjoyed tremendously, I continued to faithfully watch them on the puppy cam—they seemed so much more “real”, seeing them run and play with each other on my computer screen. To see them in person was amazing!! I was mobbed immediately with gleeful greetings by all of them. Wow—this decision was going to be difficult as they all were wonderful, beautiful and unique in their own special way. I took each one outside individually and spent time to see how each one would interact with me. It ended up being Dretta, now named Becca (Aragon Morning Mist) who stole my heart. Starlin, now named Sterling, would also be traveling home with me when I brought Becca home to become part of Georgiana’s family. Driving home on Sunday, it was raining and the most fabulous, vividly colored double rainbow I ever had seen appeared—I drove “under” it on the freeway. I pulled over to call Helen and say “This must be a good sign!!”

Two agonizingly long weeks went by—my friend, Judy, and I went to pick up Becca and Sterling. Lisa had made gorgeous collars for each of the puppies and Poppy provided super toys as well. “Q”, Lisa’s IG, exercised the puppies that they were even tired the next day—a tired puppy is a good puppy!! The Sunday we departed from Helen’s I felt like I was a child again and it was Christmas Eve—I woke up at 3:00 AM with excitement, thinking that Becca would FINALLY be coming home with me. After a somewhat tearful goodbye, off we started on the long drive from Northern California to Southern California. Both puppies were perfect angels once we got on the freeway—snuggling up to each other in their crate. Georgiana met us in Gorman to pick up Sterling. That night was a difficult one for Becca— no litter mates, a new home, me and no 4-legged friend there as Shawn was at the kennel until the next morning. Not much sleep for either of us that night; however, every time Becca whined, she and I went outside and she relieved herself—she’s continuing to do very well with the housebreaking and doesn’t whine nearly as much when it’s “lights out” at bedtime. She and Shawn are now able to lie next to each other on a dog bed—she’s about the size of his thigh so they do need some supervision until she’s a bit larger. Shawn appreciates 4-legged company around the house as he’s been the only dog here for about a year since I lost Lita.

Becca is fabulous—I just love her and am so fortunate to have her—I can barely tear myself away to take care of any household chores—I’d much rather play with or just watch her. Her favorite toy is a towel dragged along the ground—hmmmm—so much for the zillions of toys I have for her!!

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