Sunday, February 15, 2009

Echo checks in

Having Lyric and Merlins litter was bittersweet. Happy in that many of my friends would start once again with a puppy,sad in that the litter wasn't big enough for everybody I wanted to get a puppy to have one. Also sad in that with all the blue brindles it brough back memories of Merlin as a puppy.When the puppies started developing personalities I kept looking at each one wondering if they would inherit Merlins joy of life and sense of humor. It is an odd feeling to learn new things about a dog long gone from ones life-Merlin carried the parti gene-his sister Jesse did not.

Although I was happy each puppy went to a cherished home,it was hard on Echo. I think her littermates probably had an easier time adjusting than she did. Probably everything was so new to them they just adapted. Echo kept running out to the weed patch,sand pile and laundry room looking for them. It was days before she starting eating well again. Through it all she is a happy puppy-with a call of her name she comes running with a waggy tail and looks up with joyous eyes. Maybe she does have Merlins zest for life. Her "aunt" Whisper actually I think she is her first cousin removed? has really helped her not feel so alone, she is a great patient friend.

Yesterday I was feeling restless so we took our first big dog walk out Lake DelValle. At home Echo comes running when she hears her name,out in the wilds she wanted to stay with her mom and aunt. Gosh she has energy, I thought she would crash when we got home-she didn't. All the rest of us were tired(the big dogs were running ground squirrels at top speed-and some cows),I was trying to keep and eye on everyone and kept all rounded up and headed in the right direction.

Today Echo decided to try to be friends with big Homer. They both weigh the same!!!

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