Wednesday, June 2, 2010

California Fruit

One of the many nice things about living in California is the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. I have recently gotten into the habit of making fresh squeezed lemonade and freezing it, adding alittle fresh squeezed orange juice makes it sweeter. Then I use the frozen lemonade as ice blocks to keep dog treats and lunch cold. As it defrosts the juice is refreshingly cold. In addition to using my fruit trees(2 lemon trees, 1 orange tree, 1 grapefruit tree, 1 lime tree) my friends are recruited to bring their fruit. Fruit this size makes alot of juice! These are just average lemons out of a friends backyard-they were not given steroids. Texas has nothing on California fruit.

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

We had a grapefruit tree when we lived in Orange County and it produced giant grapefruits. Too bad no one in our family liked grapefruits. :-)