Friday, June 25, 2010

Bryn Becomes A Show Dog

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to let everyone how and what I am doing.
Since my first show in Vallejo (where I rec’d 3rd place both days), I took my first long and overnite RV ride to Oregon. The first day, we just played with the lunge line and walked around the show site. It was inside an arena for horses. Not as noisy as the show in Sacramento.
The next day, I was the only greyhound, so I rec’d a Best of Breed ribbon. Marie was more excited about me than I was. On Saturday, there were other greyhounds and I had to go around the ring a few times. I must have settled down a bit because I took the Breed again and got a 3 pt major. I haven’t the slightest idea of what that is, but it sure made many people happy. It seems to be a good thing. I sure did get a lot of attention and treats. A girl could learn to like that!!.
I had no more shows that weekend. Gator (my friend) had to work (show) on Thurs and Sun. He took the Breed on those days. He’s so nonchalant about his wins. He doesn’t even get excited like I do.
Today, a Boxer named Badger came to the house to play. I think the 4 of us rather worked over Tom’s garden. He said it had to be replanted anyway. I think he was just being kind.
Then Marie and I went to Dixon to meet my Mom (Helen) and Echo (my sister). Helen thought a little interaction and playtime at a non show (for me) would be fun.
I watched Helen’s dog, Whisper, in an event called agility. It really looked like a fun
thing to do. Those dogs really had to be on target. We are going back tomorrow for some more meet and greet and playtime.
With everyone working with me, I am getting more comfortable with the “hands on” part of showing. I really like the going around the ring.
On Sunday 06/06, we went to Livermore to a lure coursing practice. But, as it turned out, it became a Qualified Courser test. I, of course, have no idea what that means, but, another dog and I chased 3 plastic bags around a long series of turns as fast as we could. I(Byn) am blue blanketed in the run. I passed the test for a QC title behind my name. I must admit, things are looking a lot more like FUN!!.


houndstooth said...

Wow, Bryn! Congratulations! When do you find time to nap?


jcp said...

Bryn you look like you are having a BLAST!

Anonymous said...

Wow--Bryn is so keen on the lure and Fast, Fast, FAST!!!!!! Congrats on the QC--lovely run to watch.

Donna and Becca