Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day Agility

Memorial weekend brought three days of agility trials. Although Whisper can run the courses she seems slow and less responsive than normal. She did earn one QQ that weekend. On one of the days of trialing she was headed to the teeter rather than table which was next to it. Generally no problem I can turn her on a dime. Not that day-she stepped on the teeter and the Q was gone. Rest of the run was qualifing although slow. In Jumpers she seems almost hesitant at times to run. I am not sure if the crash from a few weekends ago is still in her mind and making her just a little reluctant to perform.


She came into heat the day after the trials so I am hoping she is hormonal rather than losing interest in agility. A little while off trialing should help whatever the cause.



whygreyhounds said...

She looks great, lovely dog. We all have 'low' days, whether canine or human ! You did a great job to me !

joven said...

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Elaine Summerhill said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

what fun to watch!!!!