Saturday, May 29, 2010

Greyhound Toe Injuries

Good toe

Bad toe

Whisper is just recovering from a torn toe ligament. Luckily not a severe injury. Most toe ligament injuries need surgical repair for optimal recovery. Almost all of my greyhounds through running have torn an inside or outside back toe metatarsal-P1 ligament. Although the toe looks like it should hurt it doesn't seem to bother them after a couple of weeks. Initially they are a little lame but after about two weeks of leash walking they are totally sound again.
She was back to competing in agility and Open obedience training two to three weeks after the injury.


Michelle said...

Ouch! :(

Elaine Summerhill said...

Nampa sustained a toe injury last weekend oval racing. He now has a big knuckle on an inner toe on the left hind foot. Sigh....