Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Obedience Training

In addition to all the posts on agility I do obedience as well. I started back in 1983 with my first greyhound. Despite earning 7 CDs and 4 CDXs on greys I have never progressed to a UD. Training greyhounds in obedience can be very successful but challenging. What works with many "traditional" obedience breeds doesn't always work for greyhounds. I have learned over the years "less is more" with most of them.

Whisper is the exception and is the most work motivated greyhound I have ever owned. She thrives on repetition if it means more food. If any dog will convince me to go onto a UD it will be her. She is getting ready for Open and we were in our first match in the below video. Funny but the dumbbell retrieve followed by the high jump retrieve are two of her best exercises. Her nose got her in trouble that day. Below is her debut at the Open match.">

Lyric is a more traditional greyhound to train. She does it for me not because she loves to work. With Lyric definately "less is more". She gets trained less than 1/2 the time of the other dogs-Whisper and Echo. She is willing to work as long as I don't ask too much or too frequent. The dumbbell is her least favorite exercise. I finally clicker trained it. The dumbbell gave her trouble that day as well.">

Another few matches and we may be ready to compete.

Echo did a Rally Novice run through but unfortunately it wasn't videoed.


Anonymous said...

Most definitely they will be ready shortly for competition!! Good job to all!! :)


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Lookin good girls!

Shelly said...


Muttsandaklutz said...

Whisper's heeling is beautiful. She almost looks glued to your hip, and so happy. Lyric's heeling is lovely as well. I'm very impressed at how well both of them deal with the distraction of another dog working in the other ring.