Friday, April 16, 2010

Agility Weekend

Last weekend Whisper was entered in an agility trial. Once again no video person so after the trial I bought a small hand held flip video,it is so easy to use anyone can make it work. So next trials mid May should have videos-by someone.
Trialing can be fun, on Saturday we earned another QQ and a second and third place for 28 more MACH points.

Trialing can be frustrating in the littlest mistake can cost you a leg. Sunday was no Qs. In jumpers I decided to try more serpentine moves to try to speed up time, it pulled her off a jump so of course NQ.

She has been iffy at the start line and breaking stays so I have been working hard at reinforcing her staying at the start line. Of course the standard run needed a three jump lead out with a pivot turn to be on the right side for dog walk and subsequent course. Although she had been holding all her start stays that weekend I didn't want to ruin what progress I had made so I only did a two jump lead out. She was so fast I couldn't get into the correct position so the rest of the run did not go well and we earned another NQ.

All together not a bad weekend though. She earned another QQ(very hard), held all her start stays, hit all her contacts(another difficult task for her) rather than leaping off, and is comfortable working at a distance from me.

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Anonymous said...

You'll get there eventually. It's a long, long haul though to that Mach title.