Monday, April 19, 2010

A note from Pearl/Bryn

Hello Aragon Greyhound fans!

My name is Bryn (aka Pearl and aka Blueberry). I, too, am 16 months old.

Until early April, I was in Virginia with Poppy and JD, my longtime playmates and friends. But I am now in cold and wet California. I’m told it will warm up.

My new playmate and her son picked me up on Tuesday, April 6, at Fremont, Ca and we went for a ride to Arbuckle, California. Whoever heard of a place called Arbuckle?

Two guys who were very excited to see me greeted me at the door. We jumped and played all the way through the kitchen and living room and out to the back yard. Then I had a chance to prowl around and take a look-see.

Nice! Someone is feeding doves- lots of fun to be had there. The boys, who are 7 and 8, are a lot of fun. Gator looks like me- a blue brindle. He’s 7. The other is white with red brindle. I guess that’s parti-color like JD. His name is Soda Pop and is 8. He is more laid back than Gator. I had to beat him on the head with my Frisbee in order to get him to play with me.

It seems I am going to be in a show-whatever that is. So my human playmates took me to an agility show last Saturday. My sister was there and we played a little, but we didn’t want to distract the dogs that were working! There was a lot of activity and people running from one place to another. I was tired when I got back to the car and slept all the way home dreaming of running and jumping.

Tonight, I am going to school- a conformation class. Is that good or bad? Gator and Soda won’t tell me anything. I already know how to sit, lie down, eat, run, fetch, retrieve, shake toys, get on the bed and be an all round happy puppy. What else do I need? I’ve heard new words like “stand, stack, come, go back” So maybe that is what this is all about. I’ll find out tonight and let you know. Oh! I need to go out and chase some birds.

When I wake up.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

LOL... I think your name keeps improving each time :-). Welcome to your new home!

PoppyL said...

Way to go Bryn. JD approves of teaching Soda that it is time to play by beating her with your frisbee just like you did him. It does work. Sometimes you've got to be egged on to play. Have a great new home. I miss and love you.

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute write up!!! Becca is so anxious to see Bryn again as the last time they saw each other was at 9 weeks of age. Lots of changes since that time in both of them!!