Friday, April 30, 2010

Bryn Checks In

It’s Bryn again.
I have now attended two conformation classes. Overall, I’m not too thrilled with them. I have much more fun in the house and backyard. There are lots of really small bouncing and barking dogs that appear to be really excited about the outing. There were 2 puppies whose ears held up with something. I heard the word “cropped”. Poor guys. Everyone was really nice and free with the treats. That was good. I guess everything has a good side. I’ll probably become as excited as the other guys in the class. It must be fun. There are so many dogs there.
I’m not sure what “conformation “ is. Several people have looked for it and can’t seem to find it. I know I’m not intentionally hiding it, but the “instructors” seem to think that I am hiding it somewhere around my backside because I like to sit down. They keep feeling and looking for it. But, when I sit down, it can’t be found.
Running around the ring is fun, but then comes the “let me see your bite”. I’m polite and let them. I know this request has something to do with being a “show dog” and that is OK.
There is another phrase constantly used. I seem to be doing that good. However, I don’t understand it. It’s called “free stacking”. What does a “stacking” usually cost? Who pays for it? I’ll cooperate by “free stacking” and maybe they will stop trying to find my “conformation”
I’m only 16 months, so when I feel confident with my new friends, and myself, I will reveal my hidden and elusive “conformation’.
More later- after my first show.

The chair is either too small or I am too long!