Friday, June 19, 2009

Whisper's weekend

While Tanner was off to his first dog show Whisper entered another agility trial. I think we are finally getting this agility thing down. It is a great feeling when you and the dog are in sync with each other. We did well competing in the Excellent class. We earned two more jumpers legs to finish our Excellent Jumpers title with one first and one third place. We earned another Excellent Standard leg for our second leg with a first place. We missed an entrance to the chute or she would have finished her Excellent Std title as well. I think now we only just have to tweak little things to make us a good reliable team.

Here the three videos of her qualifying runs from this weekend.


BrittBeah said...

Could you ask Whisper how to teach my boys to sit that pretty?
Congrats on a good weekend.

Michelle said...

Awesome!! Congrats to you and Whisper!! Amazing videos. =)

Life With Dogs said...

Great to see this - in fact, you inspired me to get off my duff and buy a video camera! :)