Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Water Puppies

Now that summer has began, another trait of Lyric's puppies is surfacing.
They all love water! It is not unusual for greys to like to dip their feet in wading pools or walk in water up to their wrists. However Lyric's puppies seem fascinated with water-the wetter the better. After Echo got done playing with the rainbird sprinkler head she had enough water on her to qualify for a bath.

I wonder if water tolerance is heritable? All of my greys have hated to perform outdoors(except running) in the rain. Merlin actually ran out of the open obedience ring once when it rained. My biggest dread in tracking is pull a track in the pouring rain. Well I have been lucky for years but my luck ran out last year. Lyric's tracking trial day arrived with a HUGE downpour. Several people didn't show up due to the rain knowing either their dogs wouldn't work in that much rain or thought the trial would probably be cancelled. I went and kept my fingers crossed for a cloud break. By the time Lyric's track had aged enough we drove out and when I got out of the car was
almost blown over in the rain now with a fierce wind. I was sure she wouldn't work but opened the back door anyway. Both Whisper and Lyric stuck their heads out and Whisper quickly withdrew to the back of the car. Lyric hopped out and although obviously not pleased walked up to the track and quickly got down to business. She ran the first several legs and turns. Finally the track turned back into the stinging rain, I literally had to squint my eyes to see ahead. She had had enough and stopped tracking and started pulling to go back to the car. Although we didn't pass that day I was surprised at how well she was willing to work in such bad conditions. She then easily passed a few weeks later at the next test we drew into.

Here are two videos of Lyric's puppies playing in the water.
This is pearl:

This is Becca:


BrittBeah said...

They are so stinkin' cute. Becca especially. She seems to have her own game worked out and everything.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

They sure are entertaining!


Life With Dogs said...

What fun! Nigel is a water hater, and frets at the first drop of rain...