Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sterling update

An update on the “elusive” Aragon Aroi Silver Lining aka Sterling. At 6 mths he has developed into a handsome and personable young man. He has visited and seen lots of new places and made new dog friends. He is an exceptionally social dog-every person and dog he meets is his friend. He handles new situations well, no nervousness or shyness. All the puppies in his litter seem to have great people and dog skills.

All the puppies seem to be very toy oriented and Sterling is no exception. Of all the puppies he is the best retriever-even to his willingness to carry metal(spoons) in his mouth. All the pups like tugging-great for encouraging handler/puppy bond and performance drive.


Michelle said...

Wow!! look at all those toys. =)

Greyt pictures.

kitten said...

His eyes! Oh my oh my, his eyes. I don't know what it is, but greyhound eyes just get me. I love them all but something about the diversity of a brindles eye colour just wows me every time. He is a beauty!