Saturday, May 2, 2009

Puppy Ears - You gotta love 'em!

When I first got into greyhounds I started with a little 8 wk red greyhound puppy named Z. She had the most perfect face and ears that I had ever seen. One day I noticed one of her ears were looking strange, they were flopped over her head. The next day it was normal. The next day it did another strange behavior. They then started going all over her head in unusual positions. Not knowing what was going on I started gluing them in position like the collie/sheltie people do. A fellow resident I was working with asked me what I was using all the glue for. When I told her she started laughing and asked me if I really didn’t know that puppies did that when they teethed. Well they didn’t teach us that but she was right. I stopped gluing and when she finished teething her ears were perfect!!

Lyric's puppies have been teething for some time now. Here are some photos of the different crazy ear positions we have managed to capture.

"The Cap"

"Fox Terrier"

"The Flip"

"The Flop"

"The Rabbit" or in this case "The Half Rabbit"



"The Half Prick"
This is the way the ears are supposed to look when a greyhound is alert.

This is "Z"


BrittBeah said...

Those ears are the most precious thing to look at on a greyhound. They say so much about what is going on in that tiny little head.

Hiking Hounds said...

I love the puppy ears. When Zephyr did the "cap" and "fox terrier" I would call him Bonnet Boy. Occasionally they still get in those positions, it is very cute.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Love those cute ears! Glad to see that AKC GHs have funny ear moments too!