Friday, May 8, 2009

How They Grow

As puppies grow they all go through different growth phases. Long time breeders feel that the best age to grade them/judge them is somewhere around 8 wks. They should look like little replicas of what they will become. After that they start going through big growth spurts. With some their front grows out of proportion to their rears, with some it is just the opposite. The backend is higher than the front end. Fronts go easty westy(toes point out), hopefully they never pigeon toe as I haven’t seen this correct. Some puppies are lucky and are just little replicas of what they will become as adults. They grow up in proportion to the rest of the body and over the next few years muscle out. It is fun to try to guess what they will become in the years to come.
Lyric and Merlin’s litter is now 5 months-below are their pictures.

Aragon Aroi Silver Lining aka Sterling wt 58 lbs

Aragon Black Ice aka Echo wt 51 lbs

Aragon Silver Oak aka Tanner wt 58.5 lbs

Aragon Mystic Pearl aka Pearl wt 52 lbs

Aragon Morning Mist aka Becca wt 52.5 lbs


BrittBeah said...

Tanner def. has the flashiest color. Handsome boy.
They are all nice looking pups. It is nice that you are keeping up with their growth. It is a lot of fun to see.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yeah, I have to agree that Tanner is quite flashy, but he's HUGE! Can't believe they are all bigger than my 2 little midget greyhounds already :-). All are beautiful!