Sunday, January 5, 2014


Sometimes you make a bad decision or mistake for your dogs. In December several friends went down to an obedience trial in LA. What are the chances of it raining? We are in a drought and have had only one rain this season. Well greyhounds don't especially like rain-at least mine don't.

After taking the day off work to drive down I was sure the predicted rain the next day wouldn't happen. Wrong! The next morning dawned grey and cold-37 degrees and rainy wet. I went over to the show with my friends committed to pulling Echo and Whisper from their runs. Stupidly I decided to try-everyone else was showing. Bad decision. Echo's class started at 8 AM and it was cold.
She tried but the drop on recall was too much to ask-and I shouldn't have made her uncomfortable or unhappy. She didn't drop so we didn't qualify.

By the next day the sun was out but it was cold and I had an unhappy dog to ask to work. Her enthusiasm  was nil although she did what I asked. The ring that day was full of sawdust covering the mud. Of course my dumbbell throw couldn't have been worse-right into a sawdust pile. I am surprised she actually picked it up. Although she qualified for her second CDX leg she didn't want to be there because of yesterday.

Sometimes you just have to stick to your original decision, I am mad at myself. We not only didn't qualify which I knew we wouldn't, I  have an unhappy dog.  Now I have to work on convincing her obedience isn't as bad as she thinks.


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Poor Echo, she tried so hard but was so miserable :( I hope it doesn't take long to get her enjoying obedience again. She's such a good girl!

houndstooth said...

Aww, poor Echo! Hopefully it warms up near you soon and it will be more fun!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the memorable weather at the Valley Hills show!!! I think it was the last time it rained in So Cal. :( Hope she gets her happiness back SOON! Congrats on the CDX leg on the 2nd day--VERY nice drop!