Monday, October 21, 2013

Obedience That Almost Was

This past weekend was the Greyhound Club of Northern California fall specialty in Pleasanton California.
Conformation results will be posted in a separate blog-pictures not available yet.
The morning started with a nice obedience entry-1 Utility, 2 Open, 1 Graduate Novice and 1 Beginner Novice.
Unfortunately only the Beginner Novice qualified.
Below are the videos of the dog's performance starting with Utility.

This was Whisper's first attempt at Utility and my first time in the Utility ring. Normally the Directed Jumping is her best exercise-but not that day. She was qualifying until that exercise. Big big Bummer.

Next was Open A. Again two good attempts by Darby and Echo. Both dogs NQed on the Drop on Recall. The drop was on the cold wet grass in the shade. Almost a certainty to not perform. In fact all three dogs, both Open A and Graduate Novice would not drop.

Echo and Helen

Darby and Lisa

Next was Graduate Novice with Donna
Again the Drop on Recall was her undoing. The shade, the cold wet grass was too much.

No video for Beginner Novice but Brego and Donna qualified.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Wow the judge was really nice to let you do another go out with Whisper. Nice to get to end on a good note. She looked really good! :-) Echo too. Very solid. Darn about the wet grass. Darby is coming along! He is going to Q very soon!

Anonymous said...

Well, despite the "goofs", the Aragon dogs did very well. Next time a Q for ALL of them!!! :)


Hazel said...

Good Job!