Monday, September 30, 2013

New OA and OAJ

Breeze competed again  in agility mid  September. It was a two day trial and all we needed was one Open Jumpers leg and One Open Standard leg for her title. She did it!!!!
However it is very obvious she has several weakness still that we need to work on.
Her contacts are great! Her tunnel send is great! Her enthusiasm is great!
Other than that everything needs work. And I need to remember who she is and she doesn't know.
Weavepoles entrances need ALOT of work, reading each others cues needs ALOT of work. Serps, rear crosses, front crosses, send outs all need to worked on.

The next level of competition is Excellent. Not only are the courses significantly harder but NO mistakes are allowed. We are not ready but have so much fun together we want to keep going. So our next trial is in one week.......Even if we don't Q we will have fun and learn to work as a team.


houndstooth said...

Good luck! I like your attitude about it! :)

Hazel said...

Great job. Really so interesting to see and hear about.

Anonymous said...

It's so exciting to see Breeze follow in her wonderful mother's footsteps--literally!!