Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Woofstock June 2013

Recently I attended the Woofstock shows a couple of weeks ago. I have never managed to show before as I was always off to conferences or agility trials. Boy did I miss a lot. The theme of the show is the 60s. We all grew up in that era-tie dye shirts....

   Mood lamps, colorful everything

Peace not war signs and posters everywhere

Vendors, exhibitors and judges alike all dressed up in hippie outfits. They seemed so normal then...

 Rings were huge and showed the dogs gait well, no mincing around small rings

Most of the exhibitor sets up  were decked out in decorations too

Vendors got into the spirit as well

Loud speakers were placed by every ring playing 60s music. Remember Knights in White Satin by the Moody Blues? Or Jimi Hendrix or the Doors? All and more were playing through the weekend.
At the end of Saturday was the costume competition, BBQ and dance.
It was an event, a walk down memory lane not just a dog show.
Would I go back again-YOU BET.


Anonymous said...

What a COOL show!!! Wish it was closer to me. I remember all that 60's stuff a little too well. :)


houndstooth said...

That looks like a fantastic show! I'm glad you got to go!

Hazel said...

Those memories evoked by the 60's theme sure brings on laughs. They did a good job with the theme.

So glad you enjoyed it!