Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two New Champions

Two weekends ago we had the Woofstock cluster dog shows. This a particularly fun show in that it is in the 60s theme-music, vendors and exhibitors all dress from the 60s. Remember mood lamps? Tie dye chothes? More on the show in the next post.
We had a huge greyhound entry-14 greys on Saturday and 17 greys(including 6 specials) on Sunday. This was one of the biggest gathering of greyhounds shown outside a specialty I have ever seen. Several greyhound kennels were represented including Suntiger, Fleetfield, Pioneer, Santana, Huzzah Cuchulain, coursing kennels( Summerwind breeding) as well as of course Aragon. Many different types of greyhounds on exhibit.
I am proud to say both Goose and Emma finished their breed championship on Sunday!

                                             Ch Aragon Golden Canyon aka "Goose"

                                             Ch Aragon Emerald Hills aka "Emma"

As they mature Costa and Janet are deciding what they want to do next-Lure coursing? Agility? Obedience? Fly Ball? Or all of them?

Maybe it will be lure coursing!


Hazel said...

I can't see a picture of a greyhound without wanting to adopt that dog or dogs! Their beauty and personalities are captivating!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on BOTH of them finishing on the same weekend!! Great job!! Now on to those performance sports. :)