Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ch Aragon Desert Willow JC aka Willa/Frejya

                                                            Janice and Willa/Frejya


Willa had a rough start in finding her home. Initially Janice was to take her  however her other 2 dogs at home disagreed and she was returned hours later. It broke Janice's heart to return her but she didn't want to put the puppy at risk of being injured or killed. Laurel had expressed an interest in having an Aragon greyhound and when contacted immediately drove 2 days across the country to pick her up. Within a month of Willa leaving, one of Janice's dogs succumbed to health issues leaving with her with one older greyhound and her home open again to a puppy. However Willa was gone and happy in her new home. Janice talked long and often about "her puppy" and she and Laurel became email friends.

Janice missing "her greyhound puppy" got a puppy from a litter sired by a Helios greyhound(Sheryl Bartel)and named him Audie.

Recently Laurel's health took a turn for the worse and Willa came back to live with Janice.

Below is Janice's story: 

As many of you know I was at the birth of Willa and fell in love with her the moment I held her in my hands and saw her beautiful face. I was unable to keep her and when I returned her to Helen a large piece of my heart stayed with that wonderful puppy.

She went to a wonderful home with Laurel Drew who also loved her, gave her attention and training.

We met at Lompoc and I asked that if she were ever in a position to give her up that she consider letting me have her. 

The unexpected happened and Willa came back to join our family. I am overjoyed to have her back (and saddened that Laurel had to make that most difficult decision.). My heart is now healed. Laurel, Helen and I are co-owners. It is a pleasure to share her with so many that love her so much.

I decided to call her Frejya, (pronounced free-yah) the name I gave her when she was my puppy. It means the Queen of the beautiful Maidens in Nordic stories. She is indeed the most beautiful maiden I have ever seen!

Her conformation championship story will be in the next post!


houndstooth said...

She is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm glad her story has a happy ending!

Hazel said...

A great story, and a great love. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Helen, Laurel and Janice, What a moving story. It's amazing how things work out in life, isn't it? Congrats on Willa/Frejya's championship. I still think of her as "Smudge". She's grown into such a lovely Greyhound.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I had been wondering about Willa/Frejya and if she had been rehomed yet. Great story!