Thursday, January 10, 2013

More New Years Weekend Agility

Whisper got her MACH2 the first day of a three day trial so it took the pressure off of us for the rest of the weekend and we had fun. Because we had accomplished our goal the remaining days courses seemed easy, fast and fun-and she earned the first two QQs towards to her MACH3. Although that isn't our goal, I just loving running agility with her and will keep going as long as she enjoys it.

I generally like Jumpers over Standard as it is faster and more technical.

Besides running Whisper at the trial I ran Echo on the first day. Although she didn't Q in either ring it was only by missing a jump in Jumpers and missing the Tire in Standard. Both mistakes are insecurity mistakes, she tried hard throughout the course to do what I asked and did all the hard parts of both courses perfectly.  Her speed is starting to increase so although we didn't Q I am still happy with her runs.


Hiking Hounds said...

Great runs, so fast! Your Jumpers runs are really nice. I hope we get there. At trials Jumpers has been harder for us.

Anonymous said...

The girls sure do look good. It definitely looks like Echo's speed is picking up.