Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting in Sync

It was inevitable but I had hoped it wouldn't happen. After so many QQ in a row Whisper and I have hit a dry spell.  We've had no QQs in several trials despite many good runs.

In agility, the slightest error can cost the elusive QQ. A rear cross might cause Whisper to turn in the air to find me and she might take a bar down with her tail. A slight step the wrong direction can send her off to another obstacle or cause her to enter the weaves incorrectly.

The faster the run the more the fun but the less forgiving the errors.

We are sitting on 13 QQs and over 750 points towards her MACH2.

As we enter the hot summer months with no agility trials in the horizon, we will take the time to work together and try to get in sync again.

Meanwhile, here are a few videos to tide you over.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just as with dieting, sometimes you reach a "plateau", but hopefully for not too long and you and Whisper will be back in the QQing soon!