Monday, October 24, 2011

Puppy Reunion

The Whisper pups are growing and getting into mischief.  They recently had a small reunion at Helen's house.  We thought you might enjoy some pics of them getting together and playing. They really enjoyed the chance to run and frolic together again!

The puppies are 13 weeks in these pictures and weigh around 30lbs.   The only two puppies that are not represented in these photos are Willa (Smudge/Jewels) who moved to New Mexico and Bruce (MJ) who is in Washington state.


jet said...

they are so adorable!! thanks for sharing :D

Anonymous said...

Whisper and Brego have GORGEOUS, ADORABLE offspring!!! The families that the pups joined are most fortunate!!!


Michelle said...

So adorable!!

Hiking Hounds said...

They are all looking so healthy and happy!