Sunday, September 18, 2011

Puppies New Homes

At eight weeks the puppies started leaving for their new homes. It was a sad day to see them leave but a happy day to know new families were waiting to add them to their life and home.

MJ now known as Aragon Helios Blue Spruce or "Bruce" is owned by Sheryl Bartel and Chris Mott of Helios greyhounds. He has several great aunts(dogs) to teach him the ropes.

Little Wisp now known as Aragon Northern Lights or "Breeze" is staying with me.

Brodie now known as Aragon ??? or "Goose" and Bluebell now known as Aragon Emerald Hills or "Emma" are now running the home of Costa Colbert and Janet Stringer.

Dove now know as Aragon Tidal Wave or "Kahlua Kai" is owned by Shelby Bond. She is her first show dog and she is looking forward to to venturing into the show world.

Jewels or Smudge(she has two names) is now known as Aragon Desert Storm or "Freyja". She is owned by the Janice and Ed Senior who also have Lyric's two brothers. She is waiting to go to her new home soon.

Bret is now known as Aragon Full Moon Rising or "Riser". He is owned and loved by Marie and Tommy Hamilton who also have his relative Bryn.

Batman now known as Aragon Eye of the Storm or "Thor" and Midnight now known as Aragon Wind in the Willows or "Willow" are are owned and loved by the Catherine and Leonard Dumas as well as Haley and Drew. The puppies may teach Drew and Haley how to be Junior Handlers.


Cynthia said...

Nice to see Janet & Costa getting back into greyhounds, and I love that one of the pups is "Goose." I knew them back when they had Gerico's Wild Goose Chase.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely litter and wonderful homes that they went to!! I'll be anxiously awaiting news as they grow up.


Michelle said...

They are all so adorable!! Best of luck to them and their new families. :)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I'll miss the puppy photos, but I guess they won't stay puppies for ever anyway! Good luck to the babies in their new homes. I'm sure they will make their new families extremely happy:)

gryhndconnoisseur said...

the theme names are good but isn't it a little soon to use wind in the willows when the lovely ms. julia (Ch. Gerico's Wind in the Willows) so recently passed? doesn't seem appropriate when she was so well known and in the same breed and area.

Angela said...

What lucky families! Greyhound puppies are so adorable and I want to cuddle them all!! I often wonder what our greys were like as pups and wish I could have seen them. I have loved seeing your pics and videos of the litter :)

Lisa Foxworthy Stine said...

I thought Drew and Haley came up with the name Wind in the Willows from the storybook? I don't think the kids knew anything about Julia. She was such a beautiful, sweet girl. I really liked Julia.