Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun Weekend

This past weekend was a busy weekend packed with agility(Whisper) and conformation(Lyric and Echo). The day started off early with agility and later in the day conformation. Whisper had an excellent day Saturday in agility. She QQed that day but a problem is becoming evident. Although she holds her contacts reliably in training, when she gets excited she jumps off and barely touches them. In the standard run she was suppose to hold until I could front cross and send to a jump. It didn't work out that way since she jumped off, it was messy but qualifying. She was fast enough to be 21 seconds under course time but I would rather be alittle slower and better about the contacts.

She ran very well in jumpers and qualified. Her weavepole entrances are super.

Conformation didn't go as well as neither Lyric or Echo won neither Breed or Best Op.

The following day she barely made the dog walk contact and popped the A frame contact-not a big suprise but otherwise her run was excellent, fast and responsive. I decided in the Jumpers run since we couldn't QQ I would push the limits alittle in running, talk less, more distance handling-basically not play it safe so much. Although I talked more than I thought the run was awesome-until the last jump. I was told I slowed down at the last jump and she looked over to see why and hence knocked the bar. I don't see it on the video so am not sure what really happened. But we had a blast with that run.

Conformation was also good in that Lyric won the Breed but unfortunately did nothing in the group.

All in all a busy fun weekend for all the dogs.


houndstooth said...

They look great to me! I'm sorry they didn't place better, but I think they should have!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

You guys look awesome! Whisper does have some fantastic weave poles!