Sunday, September 19, 2010

Darby's First Real Job(by Lisa Stine)

You know your kids are growing up when they get their first babysitting job. Someone trusts your kid to watch their (littler) kid. This Labor day Darby met a baby greyhound.

He was in awe, "I didn't know they came this small!". Yes you did, buddy, it wasn't so long ago YOU were that small. They're pretty little at 8 weeks old. But Darby didn't care, she was cute and fun, and best of all....Stripey like him! He showed her all his toys.

He held them up just high enough that she couldn't get them. She didn't care, playing with the big dogs is FUN!

Darby is a very gentle and tolerant dog. He shares his toys willingly (after the initial 'ha ha ha, look what I have and you don't' game)

The puppy bounced and tumbled and streaked, Darby Crash was soooooo careful with her. He wasn't tickled with the razor sharp puppy teeth, or the body slams she would execute on him, but he was as patient as a Saint (to my absolute delight). My other two greyhounds, Andretti and D-Square have very good puppy tolerance temperaments. Andretti will investigate, play a little, and then find a nice quiet kennel to remove himself to. Dee plays very gently, and eventually seeks higher ground. Q will race and play and then join Dee in her spot on the bed or couch. Darby had never been allowed to show what his temperament would be until Monday. He is an excellent babysitter, from what H tells me this is directly descended from Merlin, who was also an exceptionally gentle and tolerant boy.

After all the other dogs had retreated from the storm of an 8 week old puppy and the sun went down, Darby was left 'holding the bag'. She refused to leave him alone, which resulted in a slow motion chase around the fire hearth in the living room. Poor Darby wasn't sure why this little thing wouldn't leave him alone, so his solution was to keep moving. Around and around and around, each time he'd pass by me he'd look up and grin a big smile as if to say "Help please? It won't stop, okay, gotta keep moving see you on the next pass" as she bounced along behind him dragging a toy or grabbing at his tail. Eventually she wore down and, as 8 week old puppies are prone to do, collapsed in a little puppy heap dead to the world. Only then Darby lay down, about 10 feet from her, and took a nap himself. Babysitting is an exhausting gig, especially when you're barely out of puppyhood yourself!


houndstooth said...

I still love this story! He was so good with her!

jet said...

Very sweet and patient with the 'land shark' ! :)

Anonymous said...

What cute photos and write up!!!!


Lisa Stine said...

It was waaaayyyyy too cute to resist photos and a running commentary. I'm sure Andretti and Dee thought it a complete justice to have the little kid pick Darby to shadow and pester the most!

Hiking Hounds said...

Ahh, so cute! Reminds me of when we got little Astro. It will be one year ago this weekend.