Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lyric and Open Obedience

Lyric made her debute in Open obedience last week. Although she didn't earn a leg it wasn't for lack of trying. I am so proud of her performance-it was me who failed her by leaving her crooked on the long 3 minute sit. I was so concerned about her front legs I forgot to check her rear and left her sitting rolled on one hip. She made it two minutes before she went down. Oh well.

Lyric hates the dumbbell and retrieves it so slowly I gave up trying correct this. Both on the flat and high jump she would walk back. One time she went over the high jump picked up the dumbbell and walked back to the high jump and stood on the far side hanging her head over the jump with the dumbbell in her mouth looking at me as if to say "what do I do I can't go over?". I actually stopped training her for months and have been focusing on Echo and Whisper. With the specialty coming up I wanted to show Whisper and Lyric in obedience so started again with Lyric. To speed up her retrieve I decided I would try making her retrieve for her dinner. Bring me the dumbbell and exchange it for dinner. It worked and you can see the results in the video. I also realized I hadn't taught her the finish after the broad jump. Earlier that week in our obedience lesson she still wasn't finishing. You can tell after the broad jump she wasn't quite sure what to do but she came back to me for direction and did a finish.



houndstooth said...

Wow! Lyric looked amazing going through her paces! I'd be thrilled with a run like that!

Anonymous said...

Very nice performance!!!! She'll be getting those "legs" in no time!! Donna and daughter, Becca.

whygreyhounds said...

Lyric looks so calm and she can leap a jump from a stand still! Well done to you both!

joven said...

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