Monday, July 12, 2010

Another New Adventure in Bryn's show career(by Marie Hamilton)

We had a very long drive from Northern California to Northern Oregon-Hillsboro-. We had lots of stops so Soda Pop, Gator, and I could get out of RV and stretch our legs. Lots of people asked Marie if we were rescue greyhounds. I didn't know what that meant until Marie explained that we were AKC show dogs and there is a great need for those dogs rescued from the racing track to find homes. I like to race with Soda and Gator, but we are having fun. Doesn't sound as if those track dogs had such a nice life.
But on with my story.
The show we were going to was a Hound Specialty along with an AKC Canine Experience and ALL Breed " B Match". (More new terms for me to learn). There were lots of tents set up by clubs for other dog breeds.
There were people selling all kinds of dog goodies, obedience, rally, handlers, and new exhibitor classes.
The club decides who is eligible to compete in the B match and this was open to all except Champions- so I was able to be entered. I'm so new to all this ( I even thought I earned a QC title behind my name for padding the lure course test, but I was wrong). I'm only a young dog and can't be right all the time.
I wasn't entered in the Saturday Hound show , so I thought I would have a quiet, lazy greyhound day. WRONG
The match started at 1 PM and ran like a regular show. I realized right away that it was going to be a long day. I won the Breed, a group 1 in Hounds, and therefore, went in for Best in Match. It started to rain around 5 pm and I am too long to get both ends under the umbrella, I became quite vocal about that situation. I did not like that!!!. It stopped just before I had to go into the ring. This rather wet disgruntled greyhound still managed to go Best in Match. Marie and Tamara were beaming (and wet). Lisa was at the other show in Group with Darby. The Aragon dogs were quite busy that weekend.
On Sunday, I had to go into the regular match. The judge had a little extra time, so she fussed with me a little longer that usual. I felt very important, but, still, the RV sounded really good. I still had to wait to get to the couch because a friend of Tamara's was taking pictures of Tanner, Darby, and me.
But, I am now going to take that nap that I so well deserve. (But, I bet I'll have to share with Gator!)
He didn't do anything all weekend (sore toe). He doesn't understand a growing girl needs her beauty sleep.
More later (I have so much to learn)
Bryn age 18 mo


houndstooth said...

Bryn, I'm glad you finally got your nap! It sounds like you did great, but I'm not surprised, you being so pretty and all!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Awww... my very first greyhound was named Gator... good name! :-)