Monday, February 15, 2010

Darby's Agility Experience

Lisa and Darby came back from a dog show in the Central Valley. They did well, earning Best of Breed one day over multiple specials and the next day Best Opposite Sex again over specials. As this was done from the the classes he earned three more championship points. Now he is just 3 points short of his Breed Championship-his first title.

Lisa frequently hears me talk about agility so although she doesn't compete in this sport she is aware of what equipment is needed and what is required of the dog. Below is her story coming home from the dog show.

We stopped for a potty break at Casa de Fruita half way over the Pacheco Pass. While there, we discovered a Darby-sized tunnel, which he eagerly leaped in and out of. Much MUCH easier, in Darby's opinion, than that claustrophobic standard agility tunnel. I'm wondering if he would prefer a tractor tire to jump through instead of the standard suspended tire? Maybe I need to start looking for a super-sized set of agility items, maybe 2x4s for weave poles and split rail fencing for jumps? Interesting idea, although I doubt any of the agility aficionados who visit this site will think that's funny. :) I think we'll just stick to obedience and conformation for now, aside from being very heavy, I think supersizing stuff would be pretty costly too. Oh well.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...
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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I've seen Great Danes do I'm sure Darby could do it too! :-)

Lisa Stine said...