Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whisper's Weekend

Most of my recent posts have been about agility. My next posts will be about my new cat-or tracking-or anything else but agility.

The same weekend I entered Lyric of course I entered Whisper. She is a fun responsive dog to run. She is learning to really love the game and always wants her turn. Hopefully my handling is getting up to her speed. I know she would like to go faster than I can handle her. Consistently she is better in Jumpers than Standard. She earned her MXJ this weekend with this run.


In Standard we seem to have problems consistently hitting the contacts. So each run I am worried about the dog walk or the A frame and something else happens. In the below run she is handling well but after the tire I have to call her off the table. Later in the course I send her to the table. She looks at me to make sure I am sure that is the next obstacle. Well in Excellent B that fails her run. Frustrating because how to train for that. Better direction I guess. Oh well at least we hit the contacts!


On the last day I am very cautious of the contacts and now nervous about the table as well. She QQed that day.


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Anonymous said...

The Whisp is sooooo entertaining to watch--I just love seeing her do the weave poles!!