Thursday, January 28, 2010

Greyhound Space Issues

One of the traits I dislike about greyhounds is their space issues. When laying down many of them have a "personal space" that they don't like other dogs invading. And they let them know when startled or touched. I have noticed over the years that most of my dogs are happy to lay next to or on other dogs until somewhere around 6 months then things change and they prefer to lay apart.
Lisa's greyhounds(one of which is Darby)tend to show this trait less than my dogs. One day I realized she asks her dogs to be in proximately of each other and deal with it. Hum...I thought can this behavior/tolerance be trained?

Lyric and Darby's picture was taken today. Lyric was asked to lay next to Darby to have her nails dremmeled. Darby didn't seem to mind in the least and seemed to find her flank a nice pillow. Lyric seemed okay with being a head rest.


Anonymous said...

Cute AND AMAZING photo. Think Lyric remembers him as a pup? :)


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yeah, I remember Lyric being a grump :-). Its funny because Reagan loves to snuggle up against everyone, but don't you dare snuggle up to her.... bitch. :-)

Otherwise, mine are pretty good snugglers and I think its because we have a mattress in 3 rooms and it forces up to 4 or 5 dogs to share if they want to be in that room... so they get used to it.

Lisa Stine said...

I believe the phrase I use is "Make it Work", and they usually do. Even Lyric. ;)