Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obedience 101 for Becca

Becca and Donna "officially" started obedience training recently as they enrolled in a formal class. Becca has been trained in some basic obedience since she was a teeny, tiny puppy as were all her siblings--sit, down, come, etc.--but she will now start the road to competitive obedience. Here are a couple of recent photos showing her getting a head start with the training. She should be a lot of fun to train as she's quite intense about some things, is very curious, and seems to have unending energy!! Now if all that can be channeled towards obedience, she should do well. This will be Donna's first puppy to train in obedience; she's trained other Greyhounds to their titles, but they were adults when she started their training. A new experience for both of them!

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Michelle said...

Good down and good sit Becca! =)